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Nose jobs, breast reductions, and blondes, oh my!

Alexis got a nasal surgery on her septum which I completely understand. Been there, done that and everyone thought I was having my “nose done” and although I did have him smooth out a bump that I had gotten when my face met a basketball as a child. I could not breathe through my nose, causing me to have to do such things as chew with my mouth open so as not to get short of breathe, which is rude.  I had no choice, but now after the surgery which wasn’t as extensive or painful apparently as hers my nose looks the same just not so bumpy and I can finally breathe with my mouth closed.  I didn’t like how Tamra just assumed it was a nose job although if you don’t like something on your body and you have the money and means to fix it, I say why the heck not.

Okay, here is my question, where do these women get their money? Tamra just got divorced and is supporting herself doing god knows what, I want to say it was real estate or something and she is driving around in a BMW that no regular person could afford.  Especially a new divorcee who didn’t take any spousal support. I’m confused.  Where does this money come from, how do they pay their bills? Vicki is obvious, Gretchen is obvious, Heather is a housewife to a successful doctor but what the hell does Jim actually do that he and Alexis can afford these procedures. I also agree with whoever it was that said Jim was ugly. He is. When he’s your husband, you may not think so, but what a dork and coward, he’s scared to face a bunch of women and accompany his airheaded wife to all these social events to which she is invited…..lame! Let’s pray about it! pfft! Husband is my king my ass. I hate that shit when subservience is seen as following Jesus’ teaching. I don’t think that marriage is going to last.  We shall see and I will continue watching and later on another blog we will talk about Brooks vs. Slade and why they both suck.


Till next time!

Stay dramatic



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